Nichole de Carle Size Guide

 Bra Size Guide

Nichole de Carle Size

(UK Size)

EU / Russia USA Australia
30C 65C 30C 8C
30D 65D 30D 8D
32B 70B 32B  10B
32C 70C 32C 10C
32D 70D 32D 10D
32DD 70E 32DD 10DD
34B 75B 34B 12B
34C 75C 34C 12C
34D 75D 34D 12D
34DD 75E 34DD 12DD
36B 80B 36B 14B
36C 80C 36C 14C


Underwired Bodywear and Underwired Swimwear Size Guide

Nichole de Carle Size

UK Dress Size


EU / Russia USA Australia
XXSC 6 30C 65C 30C 8C
XXSD 6 30D 65D 30D 8D
XSB 8 32B 70B 32B  10B
XSC 8 32C 70C 32C 10C
XSD 8 32D 70D 32D 10D
SB 10 34B 75B 34B 12B
SC 10 34C 75C 34C 12C
SD 10 34D 75D 34D 12D
MB 12 36B 80B 36B 14B
MC 12 36C 80C 36C 14C
MD 12 36D 80D 36D 14D
LB 14 38B 85B 38B 16B


Non-wired Bodywear, Loungewear, Bottoms and Non-wired Swimwear Size Guide

Nichole de Carle UK Dress Size EU / Russia Dress Size USA Dress Size Australia Dress Size
XXS 6 34 2 6
XS 8 36 4 8
S 10 38 6 10
M 12 40 8 12
L 14 42 10  14
XL 16 44 12 16

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