Using just a standard tape-measure to measure bust size won't always account for the many variations of women's body size, shape and individual preferences or even the subtle fit differences of each brand. 

So, in finding your correct bra size and ensuring a visually perfect fit, we would advise you to follow our easy five-point guide. So, pull out your favourite and most comfortable underwired bra and read on!


Firstly, while adjusting your bra slightly, bend over so all your breast tissue is evenly distributed within the cup. It will provide fuller and better fit!

  1. UNDERBAND – should ideally be fastened on the middle hook so that you could vary the fit according to fluctuations in size. The underband should fit comfortably all around the torso with a 'barely there' pressure and sit in a horizontal line parallel to your waistline.
  2. CENTERFRONT – should stay flat against your chest. Note: This only works for underwired bras, non-wired bras will fit in a slightly different manner.
  3. UNDERWIRES – should fit comfortably around each breast without digging into the breast tissue or going too far under your armpits.
  4. CUPS – should fit your bust without cutting into the breast tissue and creating a so-called double bust, nor should they be too loose. When looking at yourself in the mirror from the side, the bust and cup should form one smooth line without any lumps and bumps or loose gaping fabric coming away from the breast.
  5. STRAPS – should provide just a light pressure on your shoulders; they should not dig into the skin of your shoulders leaving indentation marks, nor should they be too loose as to fall to the side either.

Finished? The best way to now check the fit is: If you lower the straps down the arms, the cups and underwires should stay in the same position. If they do, you've got the perfect fit!

If you put your hands up, the bra should move together with your bust comfortably without coming away from your chest or digging in. Last but not least: check the bra size you are wearing. If all the five points above were followed, you have the right fit and you can now shop comfortably referring to our international bra size chart.

The perfectly fitted bra should feel like you do not have any bra on at all, but your bust is nicely supported and you can move around comfortably!



  • Some women find that fitting on the loosest hook is best for them, so they are able to tighten it over time as the band loosens with wear.
  • Bras with silk underbands have less stretch than conventional powermesh, so don't be afraid of adjusting the fit according to your personal preference.
  • It is natural to have one breast slightly larger than the other, so ensure that the best fit is to the largest side.

If in doubt, get in touch with our Lingerie Specialist for a personalised step-by-step guide to finding your size.

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