Yes Master

Yes Master

Created under the slogans Pluralis Majestasis (The Royal We) and Thou Art Wise as Thou Art Beautiful, Yes Master is an intimate apparel and swimwear brand and life-long journey for its creators.

Started by Igor Pachemski-Jones in 2005, the label always promised to be an anti-brand, putting its full focus into product. The Macedonian-born, London-based designer, was originally destined to be a research scientist. After a Chemistry education and a myriad of experiences in banking and lingerie, Igor decided to pursue his passion: apparel design. Joined by his partner in life and work Martin Pachemski-Jones, together they set out to using the finest fabrics and the most innovative designs be it for Yes Master or the special projects they undertake for some of the leading retailers worldwide. Remaining true to its design ethos, Yes Master never follows trends. Yes Master innovates.

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