The Devil's In The Details

Words: Emma Cheesman

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When it comes to our lingerie offering the Devil is definitely in the Details. Whether its embroidered with floral patterns, coloured and contrasting or fully sheer and scallop-edged, theirs detailing to be found in each individual piece to bring your devil side out. Look a little further than a first glance, the most important parts are often caught up amongst the details.

This week we’ve picked you three exquisite sets that are ticking all the trend boxes with an extra level of devilish detailing that you might not have noticed.

Diara by Studio Pia

Taking details to new heights is Queen of craftsmanship, Studio Pia. Known for their intricate detailing, SP combines inspiration from art and nature to form delicate, jaw-dropping embroideries with Avant-guard aesthetics. Every piece is finished off with 24k gold-plated clasps, rings & sliders for a luxury finish. This Diara set is one of a kind, drawing inspiration from famed photographer Guy Bourdin’s surrealist work featuring a series of embroidered hands upon a poppy silk & tulle bed.

The hidden detail: Unseen but not unnoticed Studio Pia is leading ethical ethos in the lingerie industry. The brand passionately believes choosing ethical should never mean sacrificing style. Each collection is made from peace silk, organically and ethically produced in Jharkhand, India, helping to empower local societies. Peace silk is created by cultivating the worms completely organically, their cocoon is pierced allowing the silk worm to emerge unharmed before being reeled off and spun, leaving the worms to continue their natural life. Traditional silk manufacturing however involves boiling the cocoons while the silkworm is still inside- killing 6,600 worms for every 1kg of silk produced.

Sisi by Bordelle

Blurring the lines between seduction and ready to wear is Bordelle. Home to experimental lingerie featuring statement designs with luxury kink. Its unique approach to bondage has taken the industry by storm, filling a gap in the market as it toys with the themes of seduction and domination. Previously bondage has only ever had a bad name for itself, existing in vulgar form with poor attention to detail, fabrication and quality- everything Bordelle most definitely isn’t. The Sisi collection is no exception, remaining true to its original message: Memorable, provocative, and never without a reaction.

The hidden detail: Founder, Alexandra Popa’s lack of formal lingerie knowledge was the blessing in disguises for her brainchild Bordelle. Characterised by body-con silhouettes and rooted in a proprietary technique that blends 24 carat gold plated hardware and satin elastic bands with an array of fabrics to form an iconic, luxury S&M sensuality. Bordelle’s detail most definitely bring out the devil. Breaking down conventional lingerie sizing systems with luxury adjustable features that allow their lingerie to be transcended to a range of sizes. Customisable lingerie is what we all need in 2019.


Atala by Loveday London 

The hidden detail: Loveday London specialises in designs crafted from fine Italian leather and luxurious laces enhancing every aspect of the boudoir experience to form fiercely-feminine lingerie. ‘The irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired…’ With an open-minded vision Loveday London attracts both a female and male following and their patented sizing system matches this demand. Loveday London bras are designed for a bespoke, multiple back adjusters allow complete cup and back size differences to be achieves as required to suit all our needs.

Which devil will you be?

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