Happy V-Day to Me

Words: Emma Cheesman

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If you’re not loved up, the mention of Valentine’s Day often gets the classic reaction of a scrunched-up nose- it’s just another cheesy, commercialised day in your mind.  Don’t let your lack of conventional love get you down and let Valentine’s Day be just another day.

Heart shaped chocolates and bunches red roses aren’t going to make us happy for long, instead self-love is the best gift of all we say. But, it isn’t always easy and can be labelled as ‘so self-indulgent.’ When you become the source of your own love though, it can be powerful, impacting on all areas of your life you never expected it would.

We all know about self-love and its importance to upkeep good mental health, yet the area we get stuck on is how to actually practice it. There’s no right or wrong answer that can be applied to all and so self-love takes practice and time to master & figure out what works for you.

“To love oneself, is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde.

But how do we kickstart this romance you ask? We’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can begin practicing the art of self-love today.

1. Nourish yourself

    Nourishing yourself is one of the most basic ways to kickstart this new relationship. Become mindful of what your putting inside your body. Without its strength, you can’t achieve anything. Start your day with a ‘Green Machine’, remember to pack some snacks to get you through the day or make time to cook something you love for yourself. Don’t just make the effort when others are coming over, do it for yourself too. The way in which we feed ourselves has been proven to reflect how we love ourselves.

    2. Date yourself

      If you’ve never taken yourself on a date, make it a first. Spend some quality time with yourself, do something you love or that you’ve always wanted to do. Give yourself the love and attention you’d normally just give out to others. Whether you take yourself for coffee & cake, or whisk yourself away on that spa weekend you’ve been dreaming of, we know you’ll come away with a different, self-satisfied buzz.

      3. Start a gratitude list

        Writing down a short list of things your grateful for daily, or weekly has been proven to give you a more positive outlook. Step into the attitude of gratitude, love and abundance and see how it changes your perspective on life. Some find it helpful to start the day in this positive light while others enjoy reflecting on what happened during the day. Try to always find something to thank yourself for.

        4. Respect your body

          It’s so important when practicing self-love to focus time and attention on our bodies, after all without them, nothing is possible. How we feel in our skin directly affects how we feel in ourselves. Feeling a lack of love, or feeling lonely usually stems from a disconnection with our own body. Stay energised by getting out and about, go for that morning jog, get to that yoga class or simply go for a brisk lunchtime stroll. Make yourself feel great in your body, it’s incredible what a little exercise can do for your mind.

          5. Treat yourself

            Last but definitely not least, remember to treat yourself once in a while. Buy your favourite chocolate bar or that new dress you’ve been thinking about all week- you don’t always need a reason to. Gift yourself something for just being yourself. If you’re like us & you love lingerie, then go get yourself that new set. Who said lingerie had to be for someone else to see? A new set worn under any outfit can make you feel great. Alternatively slip into a fresh set of silk PJ's, we couldn't think of anything better.

            Go shop our latest Spring Summer 20 collection & say “Happy V-Day to me!” Don't shy away this Valentine’s, shower in S-E-L-F love!

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