Masters of Craft - Fleur of England

There are many reasons to love Fleur of England's lingerie.

The timeless designs, exquisite fabrics, seamless fit... we could go on and on... But we were seriously impressed when we found out that CEO and founder, Fleur Turner also designs the guipure embroideries used, compelling us to delve into her process.

Flowers and Pinterest

"Flowers are always a source of inspiration, their colours and textures have always fascinated me."

To define the vision for her embroidery, Fleur creates her moodboard by drawing inspiration from Pinterest, travel and all the things she loves.

When inspiration strikes

"I have just designed an embroidery whilst watching Downton Abbey, drinking a beautiful glass of red wine on a Sunday evening whilst lounging on the sofa in a pair of my silk pyjamas and treasured sheepskin slippers!"

Fleur sends her drawing to a traditional European embroidery house who will develop a technical sketch which they will both then fine-tune. Once approved, a first sample is made.

All of Fleur’s original works are kept in her sketch book. Oh how we’d love to get our hands on that treasure!

A Piece of the Puzzle

Collection styles are sketched out in Fleur’s design book and turned into mockups when the embroidery arrives, to check on the proportions.

"I personally always choose the colour and it is matched to specification."

But the process is not without its challenges; one of them being the length of time it all takes, from concept to sampling, leaving little time for design development.

The little contributor

We couldn’t help cooing when we found out that Fleur’s son George, a very active 6-year old, has inherited her incredible talent and loves to design embroideries with her.

"He is definitely an inspiration. It is incredible, it is the only time he sits still."

At the office, Fleur’s lovely PA Jenny provides support with product mockups.

For the Fleur of England Autumn/Winter '14 collection, Fleur drew inspiration from legendary 19th Century textile designer and poet William Morris.

"I have always found him inspirational, I love his work that he did with Liberty and over the years have always been drawn to the organic forms and shapes that he creates with his amazing use of pattern."

Not surprisingly, the ‘Heiress’ embroidery from this season’s collection is her favourite so far, as her son George helped design it. He’s definitely made it to our ‘Ones to Watch’ list!

Liberty’s William Morris "Strawberry Thief" fabric.