Why we should stop selling lingerie as outerwear

September 12 2016

Not a day goes by that we don't see a post about wearing PJs out with statement accessories, showing off gorgeous lingerie through a sheer blouse or teaming a silk slip over a t-shirt for that 'inner wear as outerwear' trend or 'pyjama dressing'.

We'll be the first to admit that we're guilty of jumping on that bandwagon too, along with some of our designers, fellow retailers and countless fashionistas. Be it because we want to show the world how beautiful our intimates are, or that we want to make the most of these pretty luxuries that cost us more than a penny, everyone's at it. A trend encouraged by fashion designers bringing us sleepwear-like ready-to-wear from the runway to the streets and celebrities by the likes of the Kardashian/Jenner lingerie-clad clan influencing a super large following with their street style. More recently, mega lingerie label Victoria's Secret has come under fire by consumers for its new season ad campaign selling its lingerie as work-appropriate, prompting social media backlash and countless news features (though we believe it will do it more good than bad).

We're not disagreeing with the trend, we're encouraging it after all, but why is lingerie seldom sold for what it is? Apparel that goes under our clothes, traditionally not shown to the public, or pyjamas for - wait for it - sleeping. It feels like we've lost touch with their purpose and that with today's competitive market, designer lingerie and sleepwear need to compete with ready to wear and accessories for attention and spend.

Luxury lingerie is not only beautiful to wear, making you feel feminine, confident and well..like you've got your shit together (excuse the language) but it's also (ethically) made with the most qualitative fabrics and the utmost attention to craftsmanship. Harlow & Fox designer Leanna Williams says it all: “For me, all good outfits start on the inside out, and the first thing you put on for the day really sets your mood. I love the feeling of beautiful silks and laces, and of course the feeling of just wearing something special". And it's not all aesthetic, there are countless health benefits to wearing more natural and high quality fabrics than synthetics and rough seams. After all, with all the rage about eating well, why don't we dress well too when it comes to the garments that sit closest to our skin and bodies?

We often hear friends saying that they don't wear their nice lingerie much, saving it for special occasions and hardly ever taking it out of the drawer; or indulgent silk pyjamas saved for holidays, honeymoons and glam sleepovers, and we do believe in a little something extra special (or naughty) every once in a while! We may be stereotyping here but a French woman has that aura of 'je ne sais quoi' about her and a part of that is her love for lingerie. Luxury intimates should be purchased for yourself and no one else because your body is your temple and you deserve to dress it well. You might happen to unexpectedly undress for someone on a given day, and your sleepover with your girlfriends just got a lot more glam, but those are just the cherry on top. 

So to all the beautiful lingerie designers and bloggers out there, we thank you for sharing your love of luxury intimates with the rest of us and reminding us that they are to be enjoyed in every size, style and occasion - or lack thereof.

Shirine xx