#WearAPinkBra Fighting Breast Cancer

October 06 2016

Join us in our support for Breast Cancer Awareness & the charities fighting for the cause.


Breast cancer, like any form of cancer, is a harrowing disease. One that unfortunately touches us and the lives of those we love too often. It is the most common form of cancer, impacting women (more commonly) and men the world over. In fact, on average, 1 in 8 women are expected to be diagnosed within their lifetime and I for one can sadly count the number of women I know who have struggled with it on more than one hand.

In Europe alone, there were around 464,000 cases diagnosed (2012), while in the US 246,000 are expected this year and 16,000 in Australia. 

But the rate of survival can be high if diagnosed early (78% in the UK in 2013), which is why Breast Cancer Awareness month is so important. We can't reiterate the message enough: CHECK YOURSELF. 

There are countless Breast Cancer organisations doing tremendous work in spreading awareness, providing information, raising funds, conducting research and organising support groups for those with breast cancer. And they are angels.

We would like to show our support to them by launching the #WearAPinkBra campaign. 

Join us on social media by taking a picture of yourself wearing a pink bra #WearAPinkBra,
making a donation (big or small) to a breast cancer charity of your choice
& nominating 5 friends to do the same.


Too shy? Wear it over your t-shirt or get creative by wearing it in other ways!
Don't have a pink bra? Stop by a shop and snap a selfie in the changing room!
Not a woman? Even better, men are encouraged to participate to support this noble cause and give us a little laugh.

I've just made made my donations and invite you to make yours.

Shirine x

"For those who don't know, we educate

For those who fight, we support

& for those who have lost, we remember"

- www.breastcancerarabia.com



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