Interview podcast with Marketing Consultant Chloe Thomas

May 17 2017

I was recently invited to be the guest on UK-based author and marketing consultant Chloe Thomas' Ecommerce Masterplan podcast series. 

Always looking to support ecommerce businesses, Chloe asked me to share my Full Disclosure story, provide insight on how we run our business and customer service, and share tips with other small businesses. 

If you are interested in ecommerce or just curious to know more about us (and have about 30mins to spare), I'd love for you to have a listen at the interview and share your feedback/ideas/random thoughts with me.

A big shout out to Chloe: thank you for having me on your show. It's very awkward listening to myself speak but loved every question! (visit her website here

And a special mention to the Full Disclosure team:

Inna Barratt - FD Merchandiser and Client Manager

Scott Couper - Web developer of our beautiful website

And also, Exact Abacus (warehousing and fulfilment) and The WoW Company (accountants)

With all my love,

Shirine x