Dear fellow mamas...

March 20 2017

As mothers, we spend our lives receiving 'feedback' on how to raise our children - whether they are newborns or adults (I know my parents still are...). This is not one of those blog posts (although a recent one posted on Scary Mommy provided two days worth of a good laugh and is a must-read!).

What I will do is give 'feedback' on how to better look after yourself. Don't get me wrong. As a partner, entrepreneur, owner of 3 pets and just one child, I'm constantly spreading myself thin - secretly begrudging anyone who tells me they're "super busy" but have manicured nails. But we need to remind each other to take a step back and take care of ourselves, lest we forget we are also living, breathing beings in our own rights.

As a lingerie and sleepwear business owner, I'm a strong advocate of wearing pretty little underthings in the most luxurious of fabrics and beautiful styles. Yes, our bodies change post birth (age does that too!) and body confidence can drop. We seek comfort and practicality above all else in our choice of clothing - and it better hold well after a wash. But well designed lingerie can be beautiful and comfortable (Fleur Turner, mother of two, of Fleur of England has it nailed) and is sooo feminine. 

 In addition to myself, we've asked two lovely Full Disclosure clients who are mamas to share some insight on motherhood and intimates.



Children: 2 year old boy and 4 year old girl.

FD favourites: Harlow & Fox velvet kimono, Kriss Soonik loungerie, Fleur of England lingerie and SuMarie Reef Bikini.

Motherhood in 3 words: For me it has been the most rewarding and frustrating experience at the same time. My 3 words are: love, inadequacy and growth

Your Mother's day this year: If it goes like the previous years, I get my coffee in bed, kids want to join, and then there is not so much time to drink the coffee anymore. But it's the thought that counts! ❤️

As a mother, why is it important to you to treat yourself with designer lingerie/sleepwear? I love beautiful clothes and everything looks much better when the lingerie underneath the garments help to smooth, lift and narrow where needed. When I wear lingerie that is beautiful, fits properly and feels comfortable, I feel more beautiful and confident about myself too. And as a bonus, my boyfriend always thinks it's worth the splurge when I get myself new underwear!



Children: 3 children-all adults

FD favourites: (fantasy) silk pjs from Olivia von Halle. (reality) FD introduced me to the scrumptious Harlow & Fox - sweet

Motherhood in 3 words: -awesome (to inspire awe), terrifying (will they turn out okay, am i doing a good job), ego checking (i know i cheated;-)'s my favourite job

Your Mother's day this year: we never celebrated mothers day/fathers day in this family-  always said if you cannot do something nice year round do not do it just one day - we had more breakfast in bed, rock hard eggs/burnt toast made by the children when they were young and we all loved it, big pig pile in bed sharing food. it was just because, just because gifts are still a regular treat (goes both ways).

As a mother, why is it important to you to treat yourself with designer lingerie/sleepwear? Wearing beautiful lingerie regularly has always meant I care for me, the person. Just like on the airplane, when the oxygen masks are deployed take yours first then minister to the others. No one can be at their best taking care of others unless they take good care of themselves first.



Children: 1 toddler..for now (my boy James!)

FD favourites: silk PJ sets from Olivia von Halle, Fleur of England and Loveday London lingerie, anything that can be worn as outerwear!

Motherhood in 3 words: Exploding heart. Happiness. Exhaustion. 

Your mother’s day this year: Spa-ing / Sleeping / In hiding / With my boys / Drinking / Hanging out with the BFF (select all that apply) 

As a mother, why is it important to you to treat yourself with lingerie/sleepwear? It’s my way of making sure I don’t lose touch with my femininity. My cotton tee might get covered in snot but I’ll still wear my beautiful silk PJ bottoms or my sensual lingerie under my everyday mommy jeans/jumper uniform... It’s a lot more fun! (and my husband isn’t unhappy about it either) ;)



Children: 1 little madame, nearly 3, Cleo-Rose

FD favourites: Obviously I have to say Loveday London ;), but I also love Olivia Von Halle pyjamas as they make them perfectly long for us tall women! 

Motherhood in 3 words: Devotion, love, laughter

Your mother’s day this year: Sleeping / Eating / In Hiding ;)

As a mother, why is it important to you to treat yourself with lingerie/sleepwear? It's a side of your personality that being a mother doesn't totally transform (forgetting the early days!) I find that day-to-day I dress so much more casually than I used to, but my lingerie has stayed just as luxurious as it was before. It's a part of your identity that you can hold onto whilst keeping up with the day to day practicality of motherhood!

Now let me be very clear, this isn't just about lingerie. Maybe lacy little things and tailored PJs aren't your thing, and that's fine. But do indulge in something that makes you happy - be it a purchase, a hobby (I recently took up guitar playing!), a getaway, etc. And while breakfast served in bed and hand made mother's day cards are worth gold, treating ourselves is pretty nice and earned too!

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there - specially my own,

Shirine x