Being a new mom and an entrepreneur is hard. Really hard.

September 05 2016

Yesterday, my baby boy James turned one – coinciding roughly with my other baby’s 2nd birthday, Full Disclosure.

To say the past year was tough is an understatement. 

I became what you would call a 'mompreneur' (a term I came across recently) a year ago. As FD is my own business, I didn’t get a maternity leave. I didn’t get to stay at home while someone covered for me. And there were times when I couldn’t help but feel that I wasn’t savouring the special moments with my baby enough. Every hands free chance I got, I checked emails, published posts, caught up with colleagues; all while dealing with the guilt of late replies and missed deadlines. I stayed up late when everyone went to sleep because it was the only quiet time I got.

It was difficult. Very difficult.

BUT, I love running my own business. I'm doing what I love and I know very few people can say that about their jobs. My husband has been incredibly supportive of my work and contributes as much as I do to our home and baby. I'm grateful to my mother and mummy friends for all the tips and tricks on raising a baby, to our suppliers for their endless patience, my partners for their astounding support and, last but definitely not least, our amazing Client Manager and partner in crime Inna who held the fort and so much more all throughout.

A massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your continued support of Full Disclosure and we hope to keep seeing you in our store!

I would like to raise my (virtual) glass to all the beautiful mummies out there running businesses, creating things, doing what they love and believing in it while raising a family at home. Here’s to all of you!

 With lots of love,

Shirine x