For the love of the sport: Rio 2016

August 08 2016

Credit Reuters

We know - rather can't even begin to fathom - how much work, dedication and sweat must go into training to compete in the Olympics. These impressively relentless athletes sacrifice a 'normal' life and take on strict lifestyle and dietary routines for a shot to compete and of course, win a medal. But we can't help gawking in admiration at some of the stories emerging in the press lately about a particular few who have had to overcome extremely difficult journeys to get to Rio.

The Syrian refugee with the beautiful smile, swimmer Yusra Mardini who is making every stroke count whether by saving her life and the lives of other refugees or taking a win. The young teenager from the Brazilian favela Ygor Coelho competing in a sport that most of his friends and neighbours have not even heard of (Badminton, by the way). Or the Saudi women who continue to break cultural barriers at home and perception abroad.  There are many more. Through their tiredness and sweat, we see/admire/love their positive energy and passion.

We wish all the athletes competing in #Rio2016 all the luck in the world!

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