All Woman! The sleepwear collections

February 16 2016

This March, we're celebrating the women who inspire us to be better, to be bolder and to push the boundaries. 

Discover our sleepwear collections, the perfect gift for her because every woman deserves a little bit of luxury and that's the truth.

The Pyjamas You Love

You can never beat the classics. Forever in vogue and with never ending appeal, these beautifully made and stylish pyjamas will always be our favourites. Choose from prime cottons to sophisticated silks with dashes of lace. Appropriate enough to receive in (depending on the visitor).

The New Kids on our Block

We are thrilled to welcome the new cool brands on our block. We've set out to find these labels for you to discover. Very much on trend - luxurious, functional, natural, organic with sophisticated and versatile styles - they are truly a way of living, not just sleeping.

The Double Agents

Our double agents have an eye on you, literally. Following the ongoing runway and street trend of 'pyjama dressing', these are your go to garments whenever you want to take your sleepwear out and about. Team a cami with your favourite denims, a shirt with a leather skirt or go for the total look. We're loving this!

"Wrap it up, babe!

There is nothing like wrapping up in pure delight of the softest silk, cuddliest fleece or weightless jersey of a dressing gown. And for added vavavoom, a lace kimono should do. Lounge at home in style or pull a celebrity punch by stepping out in decadence (think Lady Gaga in an airport lounge sipping on wine) - you'll feel utterly irresistible either way.